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Below is a partial list of Spygoat Audio's equipment. We are growing and adding all the time so everything we own won't be listed here

Partial List of Spygoat Audio Live Sound Equipment


Meyer Sound M1D Powered Compact Line Array

JBL SRX 725 Mains, 2x15", 1200 Watts continuous

JBL MRX525 Mains 2x15", 800 Watts continuous

JBL SRX728S Subs, 2x18", 1600 Watts continuous

Custom Built 15" Subs (Eminence Drivers)

JBL TR-125 12" Cabs, 225 Watts

EV Eliminator 15" Monitors

Renkus-Heins TRC 81/9 mini Monitors (140 w)

Renkus-Heins TRC 82/9 mini Monitors (400 w)


Mackie M-1400i

QSC RMX 2450 Amplifiers, 1200 Watts

Crown XTI 1000

Crown XTI 2000

QSC PL236 Amplifiers, 3600 Watts Bridged (for Subs)

Mixing Consoles

Mackie TT24 Digital Console

Allen & Heath GL2400 24 Channel Analog Console

Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro, 16 Channel

Mackie 408M 8 Channel Powered Mixer

Yorkville 8 Channel Powered Mixer


Shure SM58 Mics

Shure SM57 Mics

Shure Beta 52 Kick Drum Mic

Audix i5 Intrument Mic's

AKG D-112 Kick Drum Mic

Shure Beta 87

AT DR-3700 Condensors (QT-PRO37)

AKG Wireless Mic System (2 Handhelds, 1 Lav)

Highly Modified MXL603 INstrument Mics

AT DRDRM Drum Mic set

Rode NT-3 Condensors


On Stage Speaker Stands

Ultimate MCO7B Liberty Mic Stands w/booms

Short Guitar Cab Mic stands w/booms

On-Stage Folding Mic Stands

Cables, Snakes, etc.

Appsys ProAudio ADX-32B 32 Channel Digital Snake

Peavey 24 channel 6 return 100' snake

OSP 8x4 25' Snake

Various Stage Snakes

Rack Gear

Furman Power Conditioner

Yamaha Rev-100 Effects Unit

Behringer REV2496 Effects Processor

DBX -266 Compressors

Alesis 3630 Compressors

Sabine GRQ-3101 Digital EQ

Peavey Q231 Dual 31 Band EQ

DOD 430 Dual 15 Band EQ

Complete Rack with above Gear & 1604 Mixer


Protools HD Accel-2 Digital Recording System

Protools LE - Digi-002 Based Recording System

Mackie HDR 24/96 24 Channel Hard Disk Recorder

ADAT xt - 8 Channel Digital Tape recorder


10' x 16' x 18" Stage with fully adjustable legs

Line Array

Our Meyer Sound M1D Line Array